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A little Info

Hiya everyone! So we have some news to share with y'all today. Unfortunatly our supply for our cutting boards has run dry and while we did have an idea that this would happen we also didn't think it would be this soon. Thankfully we have found a new supply of cutting boards. They are not the same BUT they give us a bit more features and sizes to work with. They are still 100% bamboo. We will be coming up with new designs to fit the sizes we will now have and of course keeping a couple of the old designs as well.

I know we have said in the past we wanted to start a service to help others learn the craft. So instead of focusing mostly on our retail side we will be redirecting our focus on helping. This means I will be doing a lot more research into where my calling is. Celtic and Norse traditions and practices. As I relearn or refreshing my knowledge if you will I will be trying to share that knowledge with y'all.

Eventually we do hope to add in more services for everyone. For example: I am a registered ordained High Priestess so I would like to be able to offer home cleansings, handfastings, ect...

I am still unsure of how I am going to set everything up for all this but I'm working on a plan with my wife. We will keep y'all updated as much as we can.

Blessed be

Oh and before I forget... We will be streaming a bit more in the future as that will be our main way of sharing the bulk of information. This blog will have the video from the stream linked through our Youtube channel with a short description. The blog will still have things that the streams will not and vise versa. We will be streaming (I hope) to mainly Facebook with Youtube staying as our archives.

More information as is comes....

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