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Small Witches' Kit



1 salt / 2 flowers / 3 herbs
1 small pack of Bay leaves
1 3" White Sage stick
4 chime candles (Silver, Gold, Black, White)
1 package of incense (cone or stick randomly picked)
1 Satin Spar/Selenite Stick
2 Small Crystals (Clear Quartz raw & Amethyst cluster)
1 5x7 Box

Of course if you want your items to focus for specific purposes just send us a message and we can swap out candle colors, crystals, herbs, flowers and/or the incense.

Each flower and herb comes as shown in the small corked glass bottles. (Refill baggies sold separately.)
Bay leaves come with a minimum of 10 full leaves per small baggie.

5x7 box is designed & handmade by us using a Glowforge Laser and will be picked from our already premade selection. If you would like a different design or to have a more personal touch just send us a message!

Basic information cards provided for all flowers, herbs, candles, incense & crystals.

Moon Water & Cleansing/Smudge Spray NOT included in this kit. Please see our larger kits that do include our moon waters & spays.

A great small kit to get started, restock or even give it as a gift! Everything is picked out after a 20 minute meditation session to help pick out the perfect pieces for you!


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