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Samhain Blue Moon Cleansing Spray



Limited Edition!!

This Cleansing Spray contains a blend of essential oils, herbs and is infused with crystals.
This spray cleanses the air as well as your crystals. Just remember some crystals can not get wet!

The 2 ounce bottle is the perfect travel size.

This product is made with essential oils that can naturally separate, please shake before each use.

Made with moon water from the Samhain Full Blue Moon in 2020.

Herbs inside include:

2 pinches of White Sage
2 pinches of Rosemary
1 pinch of Valerian Root
2 pinches of Lavender Flower
1 Whole Bay Leaf
2 pinches of Sea Salt

Essential Oils include:

Lavender & Vanilla

Choose your crystal infusion! Amethyst, Quartz or Rose Quartz

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