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These simple but cute incense holders are great for not just an alter but anywhere around the home!

Choose your design from the numbered image and enter it into the personalization field.

To make them even better we have added a small hole in the bottom of every one so you can easily pop out the metal cup and clean or replace it.

Each holder comes with 1 replacement cup already but if you need more this is what we use... They are a satin nickel sliding door pull that fits a 3/4" diameter hole. You can find them at almost any home improvement places (like home depot or lowes).

These are 4" incense holders. Round are 4" in diameter and the square is 4"x4" each one measures at 3/4" deep.

Laser engraved, hand sanded, stained and treated with a wipe on poly for added protection.

More stain options available!

As with all our handmade items Intentions used during the making were love, peace, prosperity, and good health.

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