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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Trinket Boxes

So, I have been working on the resin trinket boxes. So far, we have a couple that are very promising. I also believe I figured out why I have been getting the flat spots around the bottom of the cauldron. Hopefully the next couple of prints will confirm that and we can start on the production sets.

A few pictures of the work in progress.

Witch Top

Witch Bottom

Pentagram Top

Pentagram Bottom

Please keep in mind that these are not a finished product and are just test prints. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

EoM Introducing the Elegoo Mars Resin Printer


Starting a print on the resin printer and giving a few updates.


Links shared for Walrus brand products on Amazon.:




Monday, April 12, 2021

Artsy Fartsy Night, We are even MORE INSANE!!!

Did some work on the 3D Printers, yup they are being right pains in the asre!

Nikki painted her corner shelf, came up with a new design few her coasters.
We went through some of our "tried and true" products on Etsy.

Not a terribly exciting night, but we were there!!! --

Watch on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/sonjakg5yfz

"Friday Night Lights" - Rinse, Repeat, Same Ol' Same Ol'


Yup, we done broke our record!!!

Did quite a few GlowForge projects, a few 3D Prints, some 3D design (made a keyboard support for the craft table).

Went through the leveling process on the Ender 3v2 with the BL-Touch and Smith3D firmware. (right around the 3 hour 30 minutes point)

Sonja cussed a lot, ranted a bit.

Drilled some holes for a candle holder, made a few cuts on the table saw.

I slung some more paint and stain.

All in all a productive night and a wild crazy one to boot!

Watch on Twitch - http://designcreations.design/
Or YouTube - https://youtu.be/A1M_TYzG1Oo



"Artsy Fartsy" - What can we whip up tonight?

Not a super exciting stream, we're still getting back into the swing of things, we'll get there soon, we PROMISE!

Nikki slung some more paint and stain, we fired off a GlowForge project or two.

Then Ender was cruising away doing a pegboard paint bottle holder.

I set up an M1A1 print project to hopefully do soon, then I can try my hand at slinging some paint. WoooHooo.

So a quiet night but not a dead night.

Watch on Twitch at - https://www.twitch.tv/sonjakg5yfz
Or YouTube - https://youtu.be/iz3e4D0QKu8

"Movers, Shakers and Makers" Some new tools, a new airbrush! Woo Hoo

Almost 5 and a half hours tonight!!

Showed off the new Table Saw.

Slung some paint with the new airbrush.

Printed some "nerdy"; stuff, Star Trek Comm Badges and painted them.

I did some cutting boards, showed off a new design.

DO BE AWARE - Around about 4 hours and 10 minutes there is a 20 minute "Be Right Back" as I was working on an airbrush issue.

Watch on Twitch: http://designcreations.design/
Or on You Tube: https://youtu.be/dFTHWoZvUvc

"Saturday Night Live!" - A weee impromptu stream.

A look at some of the completed prints and some of the To Do prints.

Watch on Twitch - http://designcreations.design/


BE AWARE- Sonja did do some ranting about programmers and laziness and the sad state of affairs in the software development process lately.

She knows NOT ALL programmers are lazy and don't give a shit about their code. But unfortunately with corporate greed and understaffing and sweat shop conditions a lot of good programmers are giving up/in.

"Friday Night Lights" - Better Late Than Never!!!

Quickie update since we didn't do a full stream at 7pm.

Have a few products going on the Printers, a Star Trek Voyager in the Prusa, another Trinket Box run in the Ender and another Moon Phase Clock in the GlowForge.

Watch on Twitch too! - http://designcreations.design/

"Artsy Fartsy" Thursday! - Party On Dudes!

Slung some paint, tested a new stain process. Started a couple of prints on the 3D Printers. Made a quickie 3D business card prototype.

Overall not too bad, even if we were a bit sedate and "boring"

"Friday Night Lights" - A party in our shop!

Did our first print with TPU Flexible filament. Learned a few things, adjusted our settings and we'll play some more this weekend and show you our results Wednesday.

Nikki threw down some painting and showed off her skills.

Started an oval "Trinket Box" on the Ender, we'll show that off on Wednesday too.

See the recorded stream on Twitch - http://designcreations.design/

DC Blog - https://journal.sonjas-hangar.us

And YouTube - https://youtu.be/wKPgTStLmQ0


"Artsy Fartsy" Stream. Taking on the paints of the world!

Febuary 24th 2021


Unfortunately last night's Pirate Chest Trinket Box didn't yield the highest quality print so we started another job with higher settings. Tested some colors on the "Ooopsy" one.

Nikki is still working on her Star Trek Voyager so we saw some more paint go down on that.

Worked on some stain samples on the GlowForge, started a Wiccan Trinket Box on the Ender.

The new Pirate Chest finished, the bottom came out about 95% perfect, happy with that. Though the top still needs more work and we need to find a final print orientation to get the result we want.

Catch it on Twitch at http://designcreations.design/

We'll post links on Facebook too, https://www.facebook.com/DesignCreationsOKC

Also on YouTube at https://youtu.be/xrJTdV5xyaA


Movers, Shakers and Makers! Marathon Stream!

Febuary 23rd 2021


Whew! A 4 hour and 45 minute stream!!

We are beat! Made an incense burner for Essence of Magic to fulfill an order that came in today, whooohoo!

Then we moved on to creating a new Pirate Chest Trinket Box in 3DS Max, slicing it and sending it to the Prusa! Hopefully just over 7 hours from now we will have a successful new design and product offering. If you are a glutton for punishment you can watch the print go down on the Prusa, just visit our Cams Links page at


We will post the stream up on YouTube (available in about 30 minutes) and our Blog and on Twitch if you didn't happen to catch us LIVE.



We will catch y'all tomorrow Wednesday February 24, 2021 at 6pm CST for our Artsy Fartsy Stream. Hopefully the print succeeded and we can put some paint to the Pirate Chest!

Until then, night night, be safe and catch ya on the flip side!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Glowforge, Printer & Simple Craft works

For this stream we set up the glowforge to do a cutting board, checked on some shelf brackets that are currently in the 3D printer, did some gluing on one of paint brush holders & poly for the one we did the day before.