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Monday, February 8, 2021

Samhain Blue Moon Cleansing Spray



Limited Edition!!

This Cleansing Spray contains a blend of essential oils, herbs and is infused with crystals.
This spray cleanses the air as well as your crystals. Just remember some crystals can not get wet!

The 2 ounce bottle is the perfect travel size.

This product is made with essential oils that can naturally separate, please shake before each use.

Made with moon water from the Samhain Full Blue Moon in 2020.

Herbs inside include:

2 pinches of White Sage
2 pinches of Rosemary
1 pinch of Valerian Root
2 pinches of Lavender Flower
1 Whole Bay Leaf
2 pinches of Sea Salt

Essential Oils include:

Lavender & Vanilla

Choose your crystal infusion! Amethyst, Quartz or Rose Quartz

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Cone Burners



These simple but cute incense holders are great for not just an alter but anywhere around the home!

Choose your design from the numbered image and enter it into the personalization field.

To make them even better we have added a small hole in the bottom of every one so you can easily pop out the metal cup and clean or replace it.

Each holder comes with 1 replacement cup already but if you need more this is what we use... They are a satin nickel sliding door pull that fits a 3/4" diameter hole. You can find them at almost any home improvement places (like home depot or lowes).

These are 4" incense holders. Round are 4" in diameter and the square is 4"x4" each one measures at 3/4" deep.

Laser engraved, hand sanded, stained and treated with a wipe on poly for added protection.

More stain options available!

As with all our handmade items Intentions used during the making were love, peace, prosperity, and good health.

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Custom Clocks

A quick video featureing on of our custom designed clocks. Yes you can hear the Glowforge in the background but what we are showing is that you can not hear the clock. I will be posting a new video with a quiet background so you can see and not hear the silent quartz we use for all of our clocks.



Blog Set-Up

Hi Everyone!

So I know it's been a while and I did promise I would be working on this blog to get this up and running.

I have had a couple minor glitches trying to learn the platform I'm using but I think I may have figured out most of it. lol

I'm hoping to be adding content to it over the next couple of weeks and getting some substaince on here.

So keep your eyes out for the new posts!



Setting up the Ender

Watch as we get our test print done on our new Ender 3v2 3D printer!


Part 1


Part 2

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Welcome to the Lunar Garden Blog!

Hi everyone! So we are finally able to start the set up for this blog and start getting our videos uploaded.

Please hang in there with us as we add more content and get orginized on here.


Blessed Be


01/22/2021 3:30pm (Central)

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